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Yau Lee Wah Building Industrialization Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yau Lee Group. It specializes in precast structure’s detailed design, precast production, on-site construction guidance, factory lay-out design and technical training. The company gathered together professional design engineers from Hong Kong and mainland, as well as many talents in this sector, including licensed engineers, structural engineers, designers, Quantity Surveyor and draftsmen. With the top team, we provide the best service to our customers. And together with the production and construction specialists of PC project, we’ve built an excellent team of industrial building design. In 1998, the company was entrusted by Hong Kong Housing Department for the precast project for the first time. Ever since that, we have undertaken a number of construction projects in Hong Kong, including public or private residential, commercial building, hotel, government construction, Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, etc. The services we provided cover detailed design, molding design, as well as precast production. With that, we’ve accumulated solid experiences in prefabricated projects. In addition, the company has reached strategic cooperation with a number of high-profile design institutes and prominent real estate developers in China in terms of domestic engineering projects.

Since the foundation, the company has been striving to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative, precise and rigorous professionalism. The integration of BIM system and 3D segmentation runs through our entire process of design, production and construction. We focus on the design and technical sector of industrialized buildings and have developed one-stop service. We are the solution provider who can handle every link and detail from design to on-site installation. In order to drive forward the development of building industrialization, we draw lessons from the cutting-edge technology and experience of precast concrete projects from home and abroad, provide individualized training courses for customers, and carry out in-depth discussion regarding key technologies and methods for the precast structure design of PC structures. Therefore, cost-control, energy conservation, emission reduction, environmental protection and safety are better ensured.









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